NormaTec is a hero of quick recovery process. It offers an extraordinary edge to the internationally best athletes. We use NormaTec systems as the crucial part of training process for each athlete. The system consists of dynamic compression equipments that are aimed to speed up recovery. We use only licensed NormaTec Pulse recovery systems to help sportsperson recover easily during trainings and after the event.


What NormaTec system consists of?

Each system consists of a control unit and attachments that extend on athlete’s legs, arms and hips. The compressed air is used to massage your body and improve the flow of body fluid to speed up the recovery.

NormaTec systems are commonly used by endurance athletes (who push their bodies to abnormal limits), crossfit athletes (heavy weightlifters), and teams of such as football, hockey and other games, runners, swimmers and more.

Who uses Normatec Recovery Systems


Benefits of NormaTec

  • Speeds up recovery after heavy exercise to train harder and offer better performance
  • Keeps you in the best condition throughout the lengthy gaming sessions.
  • Quick recovery from an injury that ensures full performance
  • High tech and mild stress solution for fast recovery of legs and upper body for athletes
  • Repairs the tissue muscles and builds the damaged muscles
  • Dramatically decreases the muscle tightness and soreness