Pain management Massage

For athletes who suffer with chronic pain during intense exercise or subsequent to the competition, we offer massage therapy to naturally cure their pains and improve the level of relaxation and easiness. Massage helps in pain management and offers several other benefits to enhance the quality of life. It is a strong tool for relaxing mind and body.

Pain Management

Benefits of massage therapy

  • Increases the release of serotonin that is an anti-pain chemical
  • Enhances deep sleep
  • Increases movement
  • Decreases stress, anxiety and depression

As every athlete, be a weekend player or a dedicated marathoner, certainly gets some kind of injury. The treatment type for an injury might create the difference between athletes going back to the game after it is healed or sitting in the viewer's line for a long time. Players get injured time to time, joints swell up, muscles tighten and sore, therefore to cure these problems, we introduce a package of natural therapies that are bolstered by very effective nutritional remedies to heal the injuries and offer relief from the severe pain.

Sports Injury and broken bones Massage

Injuries such as sprained ankle, twisted knee, muscle spasm, broken bone and others, are effectively healed by experienced massage that offers faster recovery. The massage increases blood circulation that warms up the muscle. During the massage the tight tissues are stretched and adhesions are broken up that prevent swelling in joints and offer rapid recovery.

Our specialized massage therapists combine Swedish massage and Deep massage techniques to relieve your back and neck spasms. We want to help you feel better and this can be done if you give complete information about your problems. Our experienced therapists consult you before the service to give any kind of precautions and recommend the best suited techniques that will improve your performance.