Post-Event Massage

Sports massage includes a combination of therapeutic massage and stretching to improve the level of athlete’s performance and recovery after an event. The post-event massage accelerates the recovery process due to intense exercise. You have just finished an event or a tough training session, right here you need massage that is generally given for 1 to 24 hours after the accomplishment of an event.

A massage after running is essential, because the damage an athlete does to his/her muscles, the massage enhances blood circulation and calms muscles after the performance.

Post Event

Why post-event massage is required?

  • Enhances the nervous systems and eases stress in muscles
  • Discards the toxins and metabolic waste that is produced during the performance
  • Spreads muscle fibers and relieves the tightened muscles
  • Improves blood circulation to accelerate healing
  • Decreases the risk of onset muscle swelling
  • Relaxes athlete and offers them the time to come out of the competition feeling

Usually athletes find it tough to calm down sufficiently after the competition. It may be due to excitement of good results or simply exhaustion. Staying calm is an essential factor of training and when it is included into the complete programme, it accelerates the process of recovery.

Our therapist evaluates an athlete for any kind of medical problems for example cramps, dehydration, tiredness and others. It is a chance to suggest them the recovery methods to cool down easily and quickly.

An adequate and effect post-event massage helps athlete to get a better state of mind and body just after the competition in sports. Meanwhile with an excellent mental boost, athlete recovers more rapidly and successfully.