Pre-Event Sports Massage

A pre-event massage is suggested to be received prior two days until before the sporting event. The best time to receive this kind of massage is just few minutes before the event. Often, pre-event massage is of 10 – 15 minutes length and is provided on a massage table or mat.

If you are thinking for warming up and getting a massage, prefer massage first, as it is relaxing and it may neutralize the effect of warm- up if done later. We prefer to not to use massage oil for pre-event massage because it can make you uncomfortable and, your slippery body may distract you during the event.

Pre Event

Benefits of Pre-event Massage

  • Increases blood circulation to sufficiently supply the blood to the muscles.
  • Enhances mental attitude to feel relaxed before the competition
  • If required, massage can replace the need of warm up and act as a supplement to enhance your performance during the event
  • Stretches muscles and tissues to prepare you for an event.
  • Prepares you for intense activity

Athletic massage before the event is a therapeutic and stretching massage that significantly helps in enhancing the performance of an athlete and his recovery after the event.

Pre-event massage prepares you psychologically for an event and creates significant mental changes so that you can withstand intense activity. An athlete reaches into his/her final stage and our responsibility is to loose their muscles without affecting their concentration. Generally a gap of 15 to 30 minutes is kept between the pre-event massage and competition. So contact us now for receiving your pre-event massage.